hello all,

the company i am working for (quite a small company) are looking to host our web applications suite on our internal server running windows server 2003 and IIS 6 and allow external access to it.

We have a static IP from our ISP and currently can access the applications suite internally.

Am i right in thinking all that is nescessary for us to do to open this web application suite up to outside use is to port forward all http requests on port 80 to the internal servers IP Address from our router. and all requests to our static IP from the ISP would be forwarded to the server.

I am a complete server NEWB as it is and dont fancy cocking up something which i may have overlooked.

Anybodies help here is welcome.


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yes, should do

I play a first person shooter across the internet, and i hist my own server for it sometimes so my friends and I can play together (i have a fixed IP as im on cable) and all i do is configure my router to fotrward the port to my PCs internal Ip on my home network, and then tell my friends my public IP

Dont have a clue about DNS and stuff though

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great help with a lightning fast kungfu style answer
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