One of my portfolios for a university canoe club committee is to run the website in 2010/2011 season.

I would like to improve the photo gallery substantially, and am looking for a ready-made, preferably freeware solution with the following features.

- Display photo's from a directory on the server, splitting into different galleries by the folder name, or other means. The photo's must NOT come from Facebook / Flickr etc. The site is hosted on a local server at the Uni, so we want the members to be able to access these pictures fast (over LAN).
- I would like the members to be able to upload photo's as well, where they should be shrunk before uploading, to a suitable size, eg. 800 pix wide.
- It would be nice if the members can comment on the photo's!

I have looked at SimpleViewer and at CoolIris. CoolIris is awesome except I can't use local images without using MediaRSS, and the users can't upload. Simple Viewer has xml sheets that store the data, so CoolIris looks better for the same amount of effort.
I thought about writing a program that can generate the RSS from the photo's in the directory, and deal with uploading but I'm sure there must be a ready made solution out there.

A Facebook photo's equivalent system would be ideal, the only thing we need is the data to be stored locally. Please can someone help, and advise if they have been in a similar situation.

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