Hi I have validated all my pages, as I do on a regular basis, and found a couple pages with one error that I'm just not figuring out. The strange part is, each of these pages were built off the same design and one validates while the others dont.

Anyway, if anyone could lend me an extra set of eyes! lol I would greatly appreciate it. I must be missing something simple.

If you go to this page and validate the source, you will see it validates.

But if you go here, you see there is one error about a div tag not being closed or closed properly. When I add a closing div tag, the code inspector shows this tag in black and not blue, suggesting its not needed.

When I go back in and add a closing div tag it validates, however, as far as I can tell I have closed all my divs! When I use firebug I can see all my divs are closed.

Can anyone see whats going on?

First, your second link is bad: I assume you meant: http://www.teed-younger.com/medicalLighting.cfm

I ran that code through HTML Tidy. It added a third


just above the


and then it validated fine in CSE.

I don't know why Firebug isn't catching this, but Firebug doesn't catch a lot of things.

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