Can someone please suggest how to achieve incredibly sharp, tiny fonts inside PSD graphics?

I use Adobe PS CS3 at this time, trying to insert small text (about 9pt) but various fonts I've used and styles (sharp, smooth, crisp, etc) I just cannot get them to look super sharp - especially when occasional bold is used.

Can someone recommend certain fonts, preferably free ones as this is for a side project I'm doing for someone.


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i always google the info...

That's nice.

Anyone else possibly know? Thank you

don't use tiny fonts anywhere!
They are hard to read

"Letter Gothic Standard" looks nice at 9pt sharp. Even 8pt works but if you go this small you might want to increase the horizontal scale to 120%.

"Trebuchet MS" is okay when used on smooth or none, depending on the look you're going for. If you use this, try with style set to none and put a outer glow on it of solid black (on black text) with opacity set to 15%, spread=0, size=1px. This takes some of the edge off the plain "none" style.

Lastly try "Verdana", but it breaks apart any lower than 9pt. Even so, use "none" for style and raise the scale to about 110%, use the shadow if it looks nicer.

I know there was another I've used, but can't think of it. See what you think of those.

Thank you very much terabyte

You could make larger images and zoom out to get sharper outlines.

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