Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm hearing about flooding & homeless people & I hope you are all doing well :)


I'm about ready to FINALLY launch my new site design & I am wondering who thinks I really need breadcrumbs at the top?

I'll put it there if I have to, but I really don't want to do more work & it might be a little crowded.


I wish there was a way to do polls on this thing LOL

Let me know what you think.

Thanks & TTYL


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No I don't think you need them - your site doesn't appear to have that many levels.
If you draw your site as a tree diagram, from what I could see every page is linked at the top level, so you'd only end up with one or two levels.
If you took a site with 5 or more levels to it, then I think you'd need breadcrumbs.

As it is, you appear to have an excellent navigation system and a neat design.
Nice work!

Breadcrumbs can never hurt, but they're really only needed when sites get a few levels deep. Then, they're mandatory. As far as creating polls, you should be able to :) There's an option when you create a new thread.


I agree with DaveSW -- I think that your navigation on this site is really clean and simple, and always available on the left side. So for the size your site is right now, I don't think you need breadcrumbs.

Great layout and design - the site is really clean and easy to use, in my opinion.


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