I have 3 DIVs I'm floating left so they all line up in columns.

The middle (2nd) DIV is a separator. The outer DIVs are the main content and I have set each of their width to 49.5% and the middle separator DIV to 1%. FF and IE seem to handle this fine and does display differently than using 49% on outers and 2% on inner.

Any reason this is a bad idea to use a half percentage for the width? I see nothing saying you can't but nothing saying it is an acceptable value either.

You might want to test in IE 6 and other popular browsers as well, like opera, chrome, and safari.

Dont know if it will pose any issues though. Never used half percentages.

no issues, css '%' requires numeric values, **.** is valid numeric so will be properly interpreted, (even by IE) to the limits of the browsers implementation (IE very limited)

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