I recently made a Flash movie with a notable amount of animation much of which was repetitive. I was thinking of learning AS3's Tween class to possible make future tweening more efficient. What do some of you think?

Also, Is there a site that either gives or sells AS3 preloaders or even gives tutorials on such? I'm looking for something more than a growing loader bar with the percent showing up in a dynamic text field.

Thanks in advance

I think that learning about tweening is a great idea, you should do it! heh heh!

When used properly tweening can make your animations look a lot more natural, realistic and life-like.

There are some great free tweening libraries available for AS3 (like tween lite http://blog.greensock.com/tweenlite/ ) which are actually more powerful than the built in tweening classes (and easier to use as well!)

Regarding your preloader question...Google it, there are loads of tutorials about creating flash preloaders all over the web (or at least there were the last time I looked). You certainly don't need to go buying a template! Why do that when you can create one yourself?!

The bar and % loaded indicators are quite straightforward to create, but there's nothing to stop you from doing something more elaborate while the file is loading.

I recommend that you do the following:
1. Take a look at some preloader tutorials (even if they are sucky bar and % indicators)
2. Understand exactly what they're doing and how

Once you've done that and you understand how they work, you can use that knowledge to create your own preloader...If you like you can make a monkey breakdance while the file loads, it doesn't have to be a bar and a %loaded indicator.
The only reason most flash files use simple bars and % indicators is to ensure that the preloader part of the .swf loads and starts running really quickly. So users almost instantly get some feedback on what the .swf is doing.

If your preloader is too complicated it will take longer to load and the user will be left wondering what the hell is going on!
If a preloader pops up after a long while and then proceeds to load the rest of the file, they might not be too happy! Heh heh!

I would offer to create an AS3 preloader tutorial here on Daniweb but I'm a bit busy at the moment, so I'll add it to my ever growing TODO list!
Cheers for now,

commented: I'll second this. +11