My site uses a CMS called UcenterHome.
It's performance are very bad on firefox (3.6), it lags very terribly whenever I type some text, and, it takes up a lot of memory. I think it's not because of firefox, because other sites are still working very well. I can't find out why.
Can you give me any clue? What can make a site lag like that?
Here is my site:

Thanks in advance,

Probably the main thing would be the large picture in the background and the music player. I would get rid of the music player altogether on this page, as its just a log-in page. Maybe have a smaller image and a dark-ish coloured pattern for the background...maybe something using black and grey?

Like the poster above me said, that background image is the main problem, it takes long to load.

But it works pretty well on Google Chrome, anyone can give me a clue why?

Ït is a bit faster in Chrome, I agree, but you should remember that the majority of website surfers uses IE, and IE is slower than Fire Fox.

I went back to your site today, and found that the background image is actualy hosted by a third party. The URL to your background is here:

This cannot be good for your site, what if this 3rd party host goes down, or have trouble with their server? Your site also now have to connect to that image on a different server each time to load.

I reccoment you download that image from this 3rd party server, and upload it to the same server your site is hosted on, and change the path to the image to the new location. This may help it to load faster.

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