...look like a Word Document. I don't mean using one of those proxy sites which covers up sites you're not supposed to be visiting at work. I literally want this to just look like text on a Word Document. Basically, for some weird reason, I am applying for an internship at a company. I uploaded my resume in a .pdf document, but for some reason the styles (WYSIWYG stuff like font styles and all that) disappeared. After some tinkering around I realized that whatever this company uses to submitt applications only extracts the text from the file, not the styles, tabs, and other important things that come with it. So I have had to spend an hour inserting HTML code to format my document again. I am almost done, but I want to insert borders so that it looks something like this:

I just want the borders to provide a page like that.
I already have the text set up and everything, but I need a border for it so that it is easier to read on a page.

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So wouldn't it do the same for html? Extract just the text

No. For some reason, when I copy HTML code into the submission, it formats like it should. I do not understand why they don't just open the file after you upload it like everyone else does.


Yeah, I've been doing that, but it doesn't have borders yet. I would put up the code but it has some of my personal information in it. Could you be a bit more specific as to what I should do?


have you tried uploading as .rtf instead of .doc or .pdf
closer to html in styling, no multibyte characters, no ctrl characters, just the 128ascii set


I just realized what you are talking about.

Their software is designed to turn everything into basic text, so the formatting and style used does not influence hiring.

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