I'm making a website for a guy for free as a favor. However, he wants a flash animated banner on the top of his pages. However, I have found that there are different versions of flash out there. Which version do I need? I will not actually be buying it, he will, so I want to make sure he buys what he needs. You know, he just wants flash animations for his website to kinda spice it up just a bit.

Thanks much

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At the bare minimum Flash 8 would be my recommendation. Making a banner is not very difficult so any version of Flash from 8 on would work fine. It all really depends on what kind of content you want to include.

i use swishmax 2.0 instead of flash. thats easy and helpful i think. try to save the flash in SWF4.
the Adobe Flash cs3 is latest but u need over 300mb space in c: thats why i think Macromedia flsh mx 8 will be fine. but if u dont worry about space then cs3 is best. and wanna make quick flash use swishmax 2.0. here is an example with swishmax 2.0 www.arksylhet.com
the site is new and under construction by me.

I think it is always best to get the newest. In this case that would be CS3

yeah adbe baught macromedia so its now adobe flash

Yes. I mean Adobe CS3. They sell a web premium edition that is pretty sweet and you can get a 30 day trial if you like.

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