I have performed heuristic evaluation on the following web site "http://www.ghanaairports.com.gh/" and identified a couple of problems. Am supposed to submit this as part of my assignment and want to validate my findings and improve my findings should there be a criteria am missing.

Id be very grateful if respondents can, from their own point of view, using Nielsen heuristics(http://www.useit.com/papers/heuristic/heuristic_list.html) perform a heuristic evaluation on this website (http://www.ghanaairports.com.gh/)
and identify any problems by classifying them in the following categories;

  • 1. Interface Design (layout, typography, white spaces, images, colour schemes.

  • 2. Navigation

  • 3. Information Architecture

  • 4. Functionality

  • 5. Languages
  • It would be very much appreciated if each problem can be tied to the usability difficulties it posses to users
  • All answers are cordially welcome and can be forwarded to my email:

[email removed]

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How about you post your own observations and others can comment on them.

Otherwise, this reads as "Do my assignment for me and send the results".

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