Having big trouble with my web site... the main content of the pages simply drops down... How can that be fixed....??? Pls take a look....

At first the page looked fine.. but after I applied the CSS styling... the content of the middle column dropped down.... what can I do about it??



Cant view the second example and may you please post the source as well.


I was not able to view your site as I encountered a "forbidden" message. So I may be wrong about your problem. However, we just ran into this on our site. Looked fine in FF and IE7 but the content that had a float was dropping below the div that it was supposed to clear. If this is the case, we discovered that for some reason, ie6 calculates the widths or the combination of the div width and margins and padding in such a way as to think that the div that is being pushed down does not have enough room to be in it's intended place.
The answer for us was to play with the containing div's width so that the div being push out of place has enough room.
Hope this helps,

You have not yet given public permission to view the files. This means that only you can see them. You need to change the permission settings for them in your ISP.

This may be a manifestation of the fluid nature of div tags. If you absolutely need a rigid structure, use a table.

This can also be caused by the IE incompatibility. This happens when you put nonzero surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) in the same tags that contain size styles (width, height).

IE puts the surrounding styles inside the size styles. Other browsers follow the standard, putting the surrounding styles outside the defined sizes.

The fix is to not put them in the same tag or defined style. Instead, nest two pairs of tags, one with the sizes, and the other with the surrounding styles. Then all browsers render the page nearly identically.

Hello ! Thanks for getting back to me ! I finally found it out myself as well.. it was excactly what you discribed above !