I am having trouble with my inputs. I set a border for them one class has a 1px border the other has a 2 px border. It looks fine in Chrome and I have checked everything and I don't understand because someother elements show up with a border. Is this a form issue? Will be waiting for your replies thanks in advance.

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Please post your code, and please be more specific, like in which browser did you have a problem?

	border-left:2px solid #000080;
	border-bottom:2px solid #000080;
	left: 720px;
	top: 18px;

I also tried it with border:none; before the other border code. It's not working it firefox. Thanks for pointing it out shaya4207 I forgot.

This is exactly the same code as the inputs except this one has the round corners but I am having problems with this border too.

Please post your complete markup or a link to a test page. You've only posted a small portion of your CSS, which doesn't give us a lot to work with.

Regards, Arkinder

Not all browsers do rounded corners. The ones that don't have different spacings.

The absolute positioning can cause objects to overlap at some screen resolutions. This can hide some of the borders under other objects.

IE puts the width and height styles outside any margins, borders, and padding.

The W3C standard, and most other browsers put the width and height styles inside the margins, borders, and padding.

This will affect how different browsers display tags containing both kinds of styles.

Thanks everyone for your help I'm going to read up a little more hope to solve it soon but I think I got this one thanka again.

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