I have just begun to learn HTML about a month ago. My objective is to create a site that any visiter may post onto. (Kinda like the site you are on now just a lot simpler). In other words, the person would type stuff in a box, and press submit. Then whatever they wrote would become part of the site.

Preferably, it would become part of a seperate site that users could not access so that i mat preview the post first. But if that's not possible, it's OK.

If this doesn't work, i could just have people email me, but that just wouldn't be nifty!

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You cannot do this with HTML alone. Or even, for that matter, JavaScript, which is a language to manipulate things (the web document, the browser, cookies) on the client. You'll need to learn at least a server-side language (may I suggest "PHP"), and likely a database and SQL.

Looks like you are going to creat content management system (CMS) or support ticket for your site. PHP as tgreer suggested is a best directon to start with. If you prefer to keep everything simple, you can use third party program, try www.bravenet.com for some free stuffs.

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