Hey there, I have an annoying problem! I hope someone else has experienced the same.

I am basically trying to style a text box, and make it a bit more dynamic. However, on windows machines (in FF, CH & IE), I am finding that the mouse cursor disappears when I hover over the box. It's as if the text box is layered above the mouse cursor.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


I have stripped down my HTML and CSS and I have found that it seems to happen just with the background colour change. See here:


Strangely this effect only happens on windows. On Mac OS X, it seems just fine. Halp please :)

<style type=text/css>

input.textBox {
    background-color: #7e7e7e;

	<form method="post"> 
	<input class="textBox" type="text"/>
	<input type="submit"  value="Submit" />

Because the background color of the box is the same color as the cursor, and the reason it only happens on windows is, because Mac probably has a different cursor color...

commented: This is correct +1

Whenever the text box's background color is similar or almost similar to that of the cursor, the cursor starts seeming to be disappeared. You can simply change background color to solve this issue. Additionally, you can try changing the font color as well.

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