I want to create a comment form to add to my website here:


I want to apply it to the main page.... which is html, so that means nothing that requires php or mysql, because the webhost doesn't allow me access. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I figure I'd see if you all had any ideas. (If you tell me to search google, been there, done that, though my search terms may have been wrong if I missed something obvious)

So, assuming this is possible, I want to add a field that displays below the main post and has the comments showing up on the main page, not the often seen link to another page where you can view the comments. I don't care about validating or moderating comments. I just want the users to be able to fill out the form w/ a name (generated then, not permanent) and post, which when they click submit, shows up on that page above the form. I don't care about the order of the comments based on time or anything, at this point I'd be happy to find anything that works.

Thanks in advance,

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I am not strong on this topic, but I'm afraid that your comment form won't be verry succesfull without MySQL. The database is needed to store various entered comment. Also html is used to creat static pages, so again your form won't have any succes without the adition of a dynamic sripting language.

You say your host doesn't support php and mysql, then maybe you should think about finding a new host, or doing it yourself ;p

I figured as much. Is it possible to fake it really well though? Because schools out for the summer, I'm on the net most of the time. Can i have it email me whatever they filled in? And then i can add it myself.

Again, I'm afraid that won't be possible with just html.

You can put a mailto link on the bottom of the page that opens a new mail window where they just write you an email message, you can ask the users to send you the information that way. I'm afraid that the only thing close to what you are demanding, that can be done solely trought html.

You might have a a chance if you add javascript. I think you will be able to open a popup with a form, and have the results mailed to you by pressing the submit button. But i'm not really sure, maybe someone else can add to this?

If not then I'm afraid your only heil will come from any kind of server-side scripting and mysql.

I hope this helpes, good luck ;)

Ok, yeah what I really meant was to use javascript, sorry I wasn't more clear. I do have a free host that offers everything I need, but the golf website doesn't want to change the web address until next season.

The best way then is to go to a host that offers everything and copy your website there. Add the extras for the comments form and then on the old site get them to do url redirecting to the new site. This means anyone typing the old address will be automatically sent to the new one so you dont lose visitors

I'm on a free webhost, I'm pretty sure that violates their terms of service. Is it really that hard to do this w/ javascript? I assumed if it was possible it wouldn't be that hard to execute.

There is a way to do it, but it requires work on your part.

Have them email you the comments, and then you edit them into an html file when you receive them.

Wow you guys are really helpful. I am a newbe in the webdesign world. My host has all the bells and whistles such as MySQL PHP, you name it they have. What I want to do is to create a comment form in my web page, can someone tell me how to go about this process, from creating a form , scripting and to add in mysql database.

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