hi frnds..,
pls help me in this qery...,i need to scroll the text around my table in my html page.pls suggest me asap..

Thanks & regards

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If you mean wrap the text (scroll means move/animate it), you have to put the table in a div of a given size, probably floated left or right , and the text outside the div.

or more likely like this

<div class="outer">
<div class="inner">
table bit here
text in here

the above gives you more control as you can set widths to outer and inner, and set any other attributes you fancy as well.

thank u john for ur great response..,but my output should be like this ....suppose

"hi" is the text given in my table 'td',,then i need a text "welcome" to be keep rotating around the table 'td' text "hi" as mentioned above.i hope u understand my query...,

Thanks in Advance

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