I have created a form on my site that appears distorted on older browsers with the text boxes shifted to the next line and to the right. I have used absolute positioning and spaces only for formatting. Moreover even in new browsers on zooming in, I get the same problem. Is there a way by which I can get a scrollbar to appear in the page on zoom in as I find on most sites. It doesn't happen on my site.

when you zoom in the browser will only display an scrollbar if you use fixed widths and heights of the elements. If you use variable widths and heights like

#element {width: 80%;]

the browser will always display this element with an width of 80% of the parent div, which is for example the body-tag, so the element will always be 80% of the window's width.

Which old browsers?
If it's only Internet Explorer 6, than don't worry, you do not have to create a IE6-fixed stylesheet. Sites like Facebook or Youtube stopped optimizing their websites for Internet Explorer 6 too...

Please fix the size of the form as width and height, so it will be looks nice.

Thanks Agarsia. You were right. I was using frames (frame1 20% & frame2 80%). This was causing problems. I was able to fix the same by replacing the frames with tables.

ok :)
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