I have an image slideshow script present in this website. It has around 50 images. But each time I navigate to another section of the page, slide show starts from image 1.

I would like for this slide show to just keep on going when I navigate to another section, not just start from image 1.

Is this possible ?

I was hoping that putting this script in iframe would do the trick, but I failed :(

Hello wonderland,
well first off nice site. Ok to get to your question, yes it is possible. Right now, you have the images in an iframe, but the main content is is on the page, so when you click on a link, it just reloads the page and the iframe as well. One thing you might try is putting your site into frames or just do the opposite of what you have now. So maybe something like

        <td>..the slide show</td>
        <td><iframe src="maincontent.htm"></iframe></td>

Then for any page in the iframe that has links, just use this.

<script type="javascript">
function go(url) {
    location.href = url;
<a onClick="javascript:go('maincontent.htm')>Home</a>

this way it will only reload the iframe with the next page and not the whole site. This is just a suggestion, let me know if this works for you.