The page where I've inserted the named anchor is a newsletter. It has tables
The code on that page is: a name="coats"></a>

The page which links to the named anchor location is a blog. It is tableless.
I want the blog to reference all the topics created in the newsletters. There are three topics on each newsletter page so I'll use three different anchor names for each newsletter.

The blog lists all the topic so far created in my newsletter.
Here is a line in the blog which references a topic called "coats"
<li class="first"><a href="></a></li>

Clicking the topic in the blog will take me to the newsletter but only to the top of that page and to neither of the topics. Why can it not find the anchors?

<a name="coats"></a>

I just forgot to ad the < in my message
Still the problem with the program not catching named anchors

I showed the problem with the anchor to my web server. The page with the anchor (newsletter) and the page where it's linked to (blog) are not in the same folder and are quite remote from each on the drive. We tried being less specific and stepped back two folders and he came up with this code for the blog.

<li><a href="../../newsletter/Feb2011/index.html#coats">Coats and More</a><li>

This works.

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