I've been building a commercial website and I'm ~30% finished, but there's a little problem I've been dealing with that I think I can stop but before I do all that I want to know if it works.

So here's the deal. Right now I'm running Apache on my machine and everything is working and I'm using for my ip address which is nice because since I have my ports forwarded I can get to the website from outside by using my public IP.

That being said, I have a very finicky wireless connection to my router that drops everytime someone nearby uses a cordless phone. Running a line isn't a real option right now, but possibly changing my Apache setup to see me as instead of might.

The question. I know squat about localhost and and how windows deals with them, so if I change my Apache configuration(possibly breaking it in the process) to accept from will that bypass the router and let me work even if the local network is down or will it still try to run through the router and back to my machine?


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If you change the Apache configuration to look at *:80 instead of then any incoming HTTP request, on port 80, will be processed by Apache.

So, if you are using the browser on the local machine, localhost or will work. If you are trying to hit it remotely then will work.

Thanks for the reply.

I changed the listening address to *:80 but the next time the cordless phone was in use it said "working in offline mode" again. :(

This is really more an issue for an Apache forum and it's more an irritation than anything else.

I'm going to go ahead and mark this one solved, and deal with it another time.

Thanks again,

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