Hey there,
I am currently developing a website for Photography enthusiasts.
I plan for this site to have a Forum & Photo/Tutorial Submission System.

I have the forums currently running, but the problem is I don't know where to start for the Photo/Tutorial Submission System; and was wondering if anyone had some advice.

I know how to upload a file to the server. That's about it. But, what I had in mind is a bit more complicated then that.

I was planning for the process to be like this:
1. User Submits Photo or Tutorial to website for approval. It could be uploaded to a temporary folder just for content awaiting approval.

2. Admin/Mod Accounts from the forums have access to a page on the site which basically brings up any awaiting photos or tutorials. Admin/Mod's can Approve/Decline/Edit any of the material.

If the Admin/Mod Approves the material, it gets shifted to the correct directory (eg. www.mysite.com/photos or www.mysite.com/tutorials)

Upon being shifted to the correct directory, it auto-magically creates a web page for the content.

For a Photo, It would be just a page with the photo on it, a description, and the user who submitted it. It would also update the gallery page that it was submitted to with a thumbnail and details that are on the main page. For a Article, it would generate a page with the article that had been submitted on it.

5.Not Needed but, It could update a database with details as to the time it was approved/rejected and by who etc.

Also bump up the count of the user who submitted it. On Each of the content pages it could list "{Username} has submitted {-}Photos and {-} Tutorials to Mysite."

^Now I know I said basically, but it seemed basic to me until I got around to designing it.

If anyone could offer advice, maybe some tutorials on the web. It would be greatly appreciated.


Without trying yourself to code anything, why not use some of the existing opensource scripts available, that can do all this? There are numerous CMS scripts out there, and thinking of one that might answere all the functionalities you need, is gl_Fusion, it contains a forum and media gallery, allows file upload, moderation ques etc, and it is highly customizable.

Unless, you realy want to code your own thing.