Question to someone that can help me with this problem

I am trying to add a email link inside a flash graphic.
The links work for the http address to url addresses,
The email link will not work, I have used the target as blank and also as self.

It will work when I use the blank target, but a new page also opens up on the internet, with my email address in the http url space.

The links have been just wrote in with the text tool, then converted to links.

2nd question.

I have used the images before as a button and put scripts in for them to make them work.
It has been a while and I can not seem to make these work either.
mail and http link

Could some one let me know what the action script is for this process.

Thanks much,

Maybe this tutorial can help that actually show how to create email form, if not have go on other links from google search

Image button tutorial is aviable on w3schools website and numerous other, search result . Hope that help you

Thank You for your response on this. Nice website to learn from.
I have done the following steps, the link does work in my browser when testing.
But when I load it in to the template, it will not work.
Not sure if it some browsers it will not work in.

I have tried all targets with the email. Not sure which one is right. Think the self one works fine.

The email form does not work when listed in the template on the net.

I can get all other urls to work, the links will work.
Have you had any problems like this.
Helpful comments requested.

Thank You,

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