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Hi all. Not sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed the most appropriate from the list.

I'm helping to develop a ghost-themed site. As it deals with an urban legend, we're pretty sure that kids will come across it, but don't want them to visit. There's really nothing dodgy going on here, just that we think that some of the content would be unsuitable for kids below 12 years old. If possible, we'd like security software like Net Nanny etc to block the site. Is there a submission site for such things?

I realise that we could put up a splash page to protect ourselves, but that's not the point. We'd rather that young kids couldn't get to us in the first instance.

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The only way you can try to prevent kids under 12 viewing the site is to introduce some form of registration during which the age restriction is made clear. If they lie, then there's not a lot you can do about it.

There is no central registry for submitting age requirements to parental control software systems, of which there are many of course. The methods they use to determine suitability are pretty varied, and ultimately it comes down to a combination of algorithms and user feedback as a rule as to whether your site is deemed kid friendly or not.

Daft as it may seem, there is no method (other than the registration approach) for a content provider/web publisher to determine who can or cannot visit their sites.

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Thanks HG.

That explains why I couldn't find one then! It does indeed seem daft that there is no way of registering yourself as kid-friendly, teen-friendly etc. Even if you were to buy into it. Oh well, back to my original splash screen warning I suppose.

Plenty of people have talked about doing something like that, but the practicalities of if running properly are huge. Not least the problem of verification (every site would have to be manually inspected, and I mean every page and every link - can you imagine the media outcry not to mention legal liability if a site was registered and approved as kid safe yet had a porn link somewhere for example.

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Yes, I see your point. I've put a splash screen with a disclaimer which the user must agree to before entering the site. All pages redirect to the splash on new session. Hope that'll be enough.

Thanks for the heads up HG.

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