I am rather new to Flash and I am having what I consider to be a strange result which I do not know how to address.

I am building an HTML site using CSS. Last week I embedded a SWF which scrolls a simple movie over the banner\ header. This worked and works fine except for this; Today, I attempted to switch the banner image (JPEG) with another-- same file format (JPEG), same dimensions as the original header image. I edited the CSS to reflect the new header image name. I saved the CSS and switched to my index.html file to view the change and what I see is the previous header image still present with the Flash running over it. Wrong image. :sad: I tried a few things such as moving the old header image out of the image folder so it could not be accessed-- the old, moved image was still there on the HTML index preview :eek:. How could this possibly be?

Weird. It seems as if the Flash was somehow grabbing and holding the first image and always running this old image. As far as I can tell, it is not directly referenced in the embed code at all.

When I remove the entire Flash embed code the new header appears-- great:), but I want the Flash with it. :confused:

I closed the HTML editor and re-opened the index.html file (thinking it could be a memory error on my machine or something, not the code). This did nothing. The old banner\ header STILL.

I've run out of things to try.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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do you have some code to look at?

I can think of only a few causes for this:

1. Your old banner was somehow incorporated into the flash image (maybe during image editing).

2. There is a place you missed in your code where the old image is still referenced.

3. Your browser is not refreshing.

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