anybody know some good html dvd training?

anybody know some good html dvd training?

You are best off just messing around with it.

There's some good content on youtube. Apart from that.. i think you'll have a hard time coming by something.

html deviants if you really want a dvd... I agree with fpsasm though, you really arent going to learn too much without getting on a computer and trying it first hand.

If you want another form of media to use as a learning tool aside from the computer itself, i'd recommend looking into books. Books are always super helpful, regardless of what you're learning. :)

Be careful learning from youtube. ANYONE can make a tutorial video and post it on youtube, whether its correct or not. And I've seen more incorrect than correct coding on youtube.

Now, if you're not happy or learning own your own with all the free help out there, then there are two very good sites that offer video guidance for most anything web related. and
Both are very good, but kind of pricey. Around $30 a month at each site.

Well, I'm guessing that you have little experience for html/css. In my personal experience, this is actually the best website for noobies. I learned most of my basics from here. htmldog.comThen after all that, I would suggest creating 5 different websites from that, and then look for more advanced things to help you with your practice.