What i want do do is create a thick border (around 100 pixels) around the content of the web for people with bigger screens.

I have tried putting the content of the web inside a DIV whith a 100px padding.

This works well. But the problem is that, for smaller screens, or if you resized the browser window, scroll bars appear when the borders of the screen "hit" the border of the web. (even if i set overflow:hidden for the border - guess this works only for contents inside the div)

What i would want, is that scroll bars appear only for the content of the web, and not for the border.

Also tried making a background image with the border, but i couldn't center it in the viewport.

Thank you for reading this. Any help or hint really appreciated.

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It depends on the content of the page, but try using a percentage instead of pixels.

Regards, Arkinder

I didnt get your problem well
What I did understand may the lack of <span>in your page
else spare me.....thank you...................

Thank you for your replies. Finally it could be solved using a square as a background image and using another CSS way to center the page.

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