I have an IFRAME, i have set the height to 100% and have scrolling set to no

why in safari does it not show the whole iframe? and what can you do to get this to show the full iframe page and not chop it off.

What is the heigt you set in the container holding the iframe, because your iframe hight of 100% will only be 100% of that container's hight, and not the hight of the other webpage you try to display in it, I think!

Title: IFRAME issue
Answer: IFRAME

May I ask why you are using an iFrame? They're not even valid HTML anymore, I believe.

As for the problem, it's because the iFrame can only be as tall as the container it's "wrapped" in. So, let's say this is your layout:

<div id="iframe-wrapper">
   <iframe goes here...>

Whatever you set the height of the "iframe-wrapper" is the height that will be available for the iFrame.

Also, Kraii answered it first (and better probably).

When you say iframes are not valid HTML anymore, what replaces it in newer specs ? I don't remember seeing that mentioned before

Thanks for the help.

what alternative is there to an IFRAME that doesn't involve javascript?

Alternative to Iframe is <object></object> but I am not sure if it works in IE 7 and older.

The script will look somthing like:

<OBJECT data="path/to/the/file.html"></OBJECT>

Needs to work with ie7 and ie6

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