The total number of objects on one of my page is 76 which by their number will dominate web page delay. how can I reduce this to a more reasonable number?

The total size of my page is 1451727 bytes, which will load in 304.53 seconds on a 56Kbps modem. how can I reduce this to total page size less than 100K?

Any help will be highly appreciate...


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Objects? not sure what you mean by objects. Do you mean images??

And what page??? you dont give us anything to even look at.

Hi, Teedoff!!

Sorry if I didn't explain correctly..
But I think the report is talking about picture..
I will be sending you the link in a private message because I do not allow to post any link in the thread

You would be better off posting the link here, that way many more expert coders could look at your problem and help you with it.

I've looked at your site and while yes you have quite a few images, and yes it took forever to load!, all your images are not huge in file size separately.

Maybe you could pull them into Photoshop and optimize them for web display. That may help a little, but to be honest I'm not sure whats going on.

You have quite a few coding errors, but nothing I saw that would cause the page to load that slow.

You also have a couple of js errors. This might cause some delay, depending on where the script is in your code, but again, I'm not sure. I'm sure someone with much more experience and knowledge could help. Thats why I suggest posting a link to your site. Not sure why you're worried about it, as ppl do it here everyday.

One more suggestion might be to break up the content a bit. Do you really need 19 articles with images all on the same page? Not to mention the 15 or 20 sponsor ads all on the same page as well.

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