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u can add ur flash banner with adobe dreamweaver. it's a good software for adding flash base bannar in website


publish your flv file with html. then you can see the a html file will be created. view the source of the page. then copy only code of between <object> </object> tag.
then paste that code where you want to see in you site...

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ur method is simple

The simplest way is to just google/bing/whatever for the proper html to put the banner into your site. Using Dreamweaver is simple and easy, but putting a flash movie in a site with using Dreamweaver is horrendous on the code side-a TON of extra crap code you don't need, id's are ridiculously long-20+ characters, and the code the DW writes is just plain ugly.


You can easily design a simple and useful banner for your website using ADOBE FLASH PROFESSIONAL CS5,it is a best flash application create software, and using asp.net flash inbuilt control then embed with your website easily.

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