Hi, I'm having a problem with viewing my website at the school I work at. Internet Explorer doesn't want to show it. I don't have this problem at home or on other computers. Could there be a security issue that is blocking it? I can understand IE not showing the flash header, but the whole website--it doesn't make sense to me. I checked my website with the W3 standards and got it okayed (I fixed all errors), so I don't think there are any errors on it that would make it a risk. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Also, the school recently got Wifi and I couldn't see the site using it either. Maybe someone can see something in the html of the site that I'm missing. I just don't understand why I can see other websites at work, but not mine. Here is the site:http://www.pokojpokladu.com. Thank you in advance.

Im going to guess that it's a security issue. Most schools have super strict security settings to disallow students from viewing anything that isnt "educational" etc. But the source looks fine, and the website shows up just fine on my IE, FF and SF...

You can check the security settings on the IE browser at school, put your website url in favorites of the browser, etc. If you can download and install a different browser like Fire Fox, see if that works, if not, the school defnitely blocked your site.

Most schools use metadata blocks rather than IP addy blocks since IP address blocks are too difficult to maintain. ou might try adding some tags to the metadata of your site by adding the words education or the schools name to the metadate of your site and see if that helps. But that is just a quick suggestion off the top of my head at the moment. Good luck.

Contact your IT Administrator at your school and ask to have it added to the safe list/unblocked because there is nothing in the coding that would make the browser block it.