Hello guys
Is it possible to convert an .indd file into a .psd one? I tried googling up some results and even downloaded a tool (damned forgot its name, but it did not convert properly). Indd is being done by another person, and am not able to get the texts fonts etc being used for the web design.

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Hello, lordrt!

I use indd2psd.com to convert from InDesign to PSD.
The result is a PSD-file with layers, with editable text (it's specially for web developers).

The above link will redirect you to http://all2psd.com/start/indd2psd

Warning: He didnt state this but you need to enter your email address for the PSD to be sent to. There is no privacy policy on the site and nothing to prevent selling your address on/spam/ads etc.

However it is possible to do this, but not sure how well it works... http://smallbusiness.chron.com/open-indd-file-photoshop-64749.html

If not, try to download the trial of InDesign just to convert maybe?

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