Hi i recently made a 3 column PSD of the website page i want and this is for all the pages and i have no idea how to make a 3 column PSD into a CSS style sheet as i want to add a lot of PHP code to get a lot of functionality into the website as i have the account system functioning to a extent but i also have a design for that and as im learning PHP and i have searched for 4 days and no answer so any help would be greatly appreciated :)

wow not one period in that whole post...lol

ummm Why not try to google something like "how to create webpage from photoshop"?? There are tons of tuts out there.

Here is a simple 3 column layout. Someone on another forum has this website and has lots of good samples and code to use.

I don't create pages in photoshop and slice them up like what you're trying to do. Study the code on the site I gave you. Its the same principle and can be used to do what you need.