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I am currently developing a Facebook page for a musician, and I'm creating various things that will hopefully see his page spread virally over the coming weeks.

1. First of all, the landing page of the FB page is a form telling people that they can sign up to his mailing list and receive a free download.

2. Once they have completed this form, they will go to a page (within Facebook's iframe) that says Thank You.

3. On this same page I want people to be able to publish a news story to their wall, and also suggest the page to their friends.

So I was wondering how you go about creating:

- A "Publish To Your Feed" feature where users can share my page on their wall with some pre-defined text such as "I have just downloaded ArtistX's music. Check him out on this page!"

- A "Suggest To Friends" box which allows users to invite their friends to the page.

Any help would be great. I've found tutorials but they all seem to relate to Facebook apps rather than pages.

Many thanks,


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Currently those features are already enabled on FaceBook. If people see a post they like they can re-share that. The Invite button is to allow users to invite/suggest friends to join this group. If you would like to add more you will need to learn to code a FaceBook App (Lots of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL) Otherwise, if that is all you need than a page will do all that for you!

I'm not sure about programming services, but I ordered conversion of my PSD to Fanpage from http://psd2fanpage.com team for just 50 bucks or so

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