Anyone knows what is the best size to use when creating a favicon so that it appears nice in both Firefox and IE tabs?

I've always made mine 16 square pixels. That seems to be a good fit and that's what I read in tutorials when I first learned.

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A favicon is a tab icon that indicates a particular website on a tab. It is a logo that helps users to recognize a website among the many open Tabs. The actual size of the favicon that appears on the browser tabs is said to be 16x16 pixels. Favicons also appear on the bookmarks lists and address bars on the left side of the Tab of a particular website.

I have never heard favicons be referred to as tab icons before.

The best size for a favicon is generally 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels. These sizes are commonly supported by most browsers and platforms. However, it's also a good practice to include a larger version, such as 192x192 pixels, for high-resolution displays or when the favicon is displayed on larger surfaces, like browser tabs or bookmarks.

Well there should be a standard size for favicon that would be 16*16 pixels ..

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