Hello every one

I made an unorderlist using CSS ,,, but I do not understand what it means this sentence "Make the list elements block objects,so that clicking near the text activates the link"


It means that, unlike the simple link, you can click on an option by placing the pointer around the text, as in the buttons in the bottom bar of this site.

thank you for your replay

actualy i don't get it ,,, can you explain it in a different way

also the simple example doesn't work

thanks again

the simple example is nothing but an empty link to demonstrate how links behave normally, without any css.

Now, see the navigation menu down there? It is an unordered list, formatted to be aligned in block, and styled so that the links are surrounded by color and a box that follows the same link.

Let me know if you got it this time.

Cant tell whether you "got it" or not from an image. What you would do is create a style declaration for your anchor tag.

something like this:

#navBar li a {
display: block;

Like Nichito said, this will allow the surrounding area around the linked text itself to be "hot" or clickable as well.

I can see that you have a block display in the unordered list. The only thing remaining to check is if the cursor allows clicking on the link in the surroundings of the link.

yep,,, it works >>>> thank you so much