I was hoping someone could help me. I made a image slide show in Flash (CS3) and wanted to put in in Dreamweaver (CS3). I published the file in flash and went over to dreamweaver and did the insert - media - flash command and added the .swf

When I test the movie, the buttons and the frame shows up but not the images. Any ideas on why? When I test the html file, it works fine. When I test the movie its self, it works fine too. Its only when it is in the Dreamweaver file do the images disappear.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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1. I have the required AC_RunActiveContent.js. file with my swf.

2. I tried copying the code from the html file that was generated by my swf, but when I test the file in dreamweaver, an error comes up saying that i need the AC_RunActiveContent.js.

3. I have flash files on the site that work just fine, it is just this one that is being stupid. I published it as flash version 7, 8 and 9. Nothing works.

Help :(

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