hello every one first of all thanks to daniweb and all its members who alwasy helped me lot.

i am very beginner to html and started just 3 or 4 days ago and facing lots of problems
i am doing html by using internet explorer latest(8) and also on mozilla.

problem 1: i use <img src=""> to insert a image in page its finely working in internet explorer but not in mozilla below the coding.

<title>my name is Aman</title>
<img src="C:\Documents and Settings\aman rathi\Desktop\New Folder\anna.JPG">

problem 2: while coding if i close the notepad (where i am coding) and next time when i opened its source it shows read only file i can't edit that, for editing source i do all steps again which i did in begging for saving page.

please also suggest me any platform where i can practice easily.
help me

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Well first of all, if are going to post this up on the web, you can't have a image src as "C:\Documents and Settings\aman rathi\Desktop\New Folder\anna.JPG"

Second, you are missing your body and head tags, do this:

<img src="C:\Documents and Settings\aman rathi\Desktop\New Folder\anna.JPG">

With this:
<img src="C:\Documents and Settings\aman rathi\Desktop\New Folder\anna.JPG" />

Third the latest version is IE9 and FF4

For your problem, I tried to replicate your error and if the code you posted is all the code you had, then the code I provided above will fix your error.

I agree to Sam, that you miss body tag. You need to use that. once you add body tag then this code work in both browser same way.

For second problem: i can easily edit the same notepad file.

I'm guessing here, but it sounds like your mozilla browser may be set to block images. Make sure about that and let us know!

As for notepad, if you right click on the file, and choose "open with" and then choose "notepad" does that solve the problem?

Edit: Also, the body tag thing as explained by the users above is very true!

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thanks a lot all of you.
special thanks to sam.

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