I am trying to use an image as a link to lead to another image. The URL of the page where this second image is should end with jpg, i.e., the web page should be such that it is the path of the image.

For example, this should be the end of the URL of the web page %271%27%20brand%20images/images/SHOT_10_0069.jpg.

I'm trying to do this using the rich editor in Sharepoitn.

Could someone help me out??

Much obliged

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If the second picture is in the same area as the first:

<a href="%271%27%20brand%20images/images/SHOT_10_0069.jpg">Picture 2</a>

If it's in some other area:

<a href="http://server/%271%27%20brand%20images/images/SHOT_10_0069.jpg">Picture 2</a>

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Thank you.. i'll try it out

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