Hello everyone,

This question is in regards to mobile websites and the "Add to home screen" functionality. The mobile version of the site has been finished, but it's been suggested that the feature be implemented into the site as well. Despite the information available to the contrary, it's definitely possible to use some sort of programming to ask the question "Would you like this page added to the Home Screen?" seeing as how the colleague has seen it on major websites. Unfortunately, the colleague cannot seem to remember which sites it was available on, but the hope is one or some of you may have some suggestions. This was not a web app, but a web site.

While a sub-board catering to mobile technology is available on Daniweb, I much prefer using this board seeing as how it's much faster in responding and deals much more closely with the subject.

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Perhaps Android or iOS or something else asks this automatically if you try to add a bookmark in javascript?

Hi twiss,

Thank you for your response!

The feeling is that you may have misunderstood the question. What we're interested in is getting our site "bookmarked" onto the home screen (do you have a smart phone? it's the "desktop" where you see all your icons.) if the user says "Yes" to the message. The message itself isn't important. Unfortunately, all information on the web says it's impossible to use programming of any sort to allow your site to be bookmarked to the home screen, despite evidence to the contrary.

Yes, I have a smartphone and I understand the question. My point was this: if you try to set a 'normal' bookmark in javascript, it _might_ be that there are mobile operating systems that ask the user where to place the bookmark, having the home screen as an option. Other than this, I wouldn't know how to do this.

Thank you for such a fast response! This will be tested in a couple minutes and you will have points added.

Apologies if the previous post sounded patronizing, it wasn't intended to.

Haha, no, don't worry :)

Would you mind testing this page to see if you get the message asking "Would you like to add to Home Screen?"


It's their new social media site (I think). It doesn't appear when using an iPod Touch but according to Java Ranch, it does work with an iPhone (so smart phones too, right?)

On android (native browser) it asks if I want to allow storing info on my phone, nothing else.
On Opera, it first asks me to confirm the Google Conditions, than to give my location, nothing else.

Probably I already confirmed both on android native browser, and probably this method they use is only supported by iOS. But certainly, there is no confirm() in the page that asks this (or something like this).

commented: Thanks a bunch for all your help! +5


Thank you very much for your help. I'll continue looking around on the web for a solution.

Have a nice day!

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