Hey guys,

I need some help in regards to Dreamweaver's Live View and Absolute Paths. A new co-worker just had Dreamweaver installed and was trying to work with a single page that had all absolute paths for CSS links (meaning http://mysite.com/styles.css instead of /styles.css as the link) and still wasn't able to see the CSS, instead being met with a white page (no styling whatsoever) and the content. I would assume absolute paths would be exactly what she'd need to use without having to create a local folder to hold the styles.css link and point to it relatively.

Is there an option we have to turn on or something?

She's using the most up-to-date Mac OS available.


/styles.css is in fact an absolute path. A relative path would be styles.css. "having to create a local folder" - I don't really understand this, you can't access a local folder from the web, but that's probably not what you mean.
Perhaps you have a link to somewhere you have this live?

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