I know HTML and CSS good, but I need tutorials which explain web design in terms of shapes, colors etc. Not just web, but also graphic design. I want to learn which colors are good combination, which fonts to use in some situations, when is it best to use rounded corners, which font size to use in some situations etc. I want to some general rules for website good look and feel.

Which tutorials you can recommind?

Thanks in advance,


I assume you're familiar with W3C?

Hi i will give you best site for online html and css tutorial that is w3schools plz visit this is one of the best site for online html tutorial...


Thanks for answers.

I'm familiar with W3C.
I know w3schools. As i wrote above, I know html and css good. I'm interested in best practices and standards in web design and not in learning html and css.

Can you recommend some tutorial of that sort?

well, I'm pretty sure W3C cover colors and fonts as well, just like they provide a lot more info than just html and css. but what exactly are you looking for?

are you looking for thé standards? don't really exist, but most sites will extensively use css for the layout. it's a lot faster to load and takes less bandwith than images sent all the time.

there are way to many techniques out there to say "that's what you need" especially if you are unclear with what it is you're trying to do.

do you mean creating your buttons and all of that in images, and have the best tools for that?

I mean something like this


More advanced topics in web design. When I said standard, I mean rules related to color schemes, which shapes looks best together, which font to use in header, which on links, which on content etc...

But as I can see in some tutorials, these creative design rules depend on type of project, so clear rules actually doesn't exist. Everything depends on situation?

Thanks for answers again...

there are no rules there, just what you want:
if you are making a site for a club of surfers, you might want to take buttons in the shape of a surfboard, but that wouldn't make any sense if you're creating a website for a library.

as for color schemes: dark on light (or vice versa) usually does the trick. for large texts, I would suggest dark text on a light background, it won't hurt the readers eyes as much as flashy colors mixed together.

Thanks for answers again. I found that experience is only method which finds best design in any situation :)

goodluck with it

I have tried all which are given here but I most like to prefer W3Schools.

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