Hi all

The problem I am having is a little difficult to explain, but basically I am creating an asp web page in visual studio and am finding controlling the layout quite difficult. When I run the website from visual studio on my local machine, it displays as it should (which can be seen in the image attached "how it should be").

However when I build/publish it and load it onto the live server to run it from there, the layout is incorrect. This can be seen in the attached image "how it is displaying", instead of sitting within the scroll box and following underneath each aspect, the page splits horizontally. I did wonder if it would be possible to disable the horizontal scroll of the scroll box, is that possible?

I would appreciate any comments or ideas!

Many Thanks

I have finally managed to resolve this issue. If anyone else has this problem, the way I did it was to place a table around the whole content which fixed it into place correctly.

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