which web developing software is better? or do you prefer writing your html code by yourself?

I write every line myself. The code is tighter, and you know what every part of it does - no surprises.

Im in the same boat as MidiMagic, I personally find it easier

I use Dreamweaver simply because I like the auto complete and color coding features of it...but I still do all of my coding line by line.

what about designing the layout in a program like frontpage and then getting the details fixed by coding it yourself?

Vim is all you need

I can code things manually and sometimes I do, but usually I'm lazy so I use fireworks and dreamweaver.

It's only through using dreamweaver that I was able to understand what code was doing.

With help from the folks here at daniweb, I was then able to alter it to suit my needs and do the odd bit of hand-coding.

I use dreamweaver, love the coloring feature...

i love dreamweaver too. best of the best.

me, Frontpage2003, Dreamweaver 8, Photoshop cs2, Swish max(flash)

Dreamweaver really is the best because you have the power to hand code and use the programs functions. Sometimes i find it faster in dreamweaver if I want to make a table a certain size I just change it manually and it is faster then sizing it in Dreamweaver.

I've found Dreamweaver has a really annoying way of duplicating its own styles on an element - ie: "span5 span7 span16" which makes it hard to clean out a bad style. But it has its good points too.

The better way to develop a web design is to use dream weaver. I use it every time we are making a website. It's very easy to use because all tools are provided even the codes. You can make your own style anything you want. It provides a code but there is some instance that you really change the code and do it manually, like targeting a page to another page or making transactions which includes database connection. There are tutorials can be seen or search on the internet if you don't know how to use it. Just explore and start doing web design with attractive and unique styles. Till next time.

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I like HomeSite+(shipped with DW) and UltraEdit. Basically what I want is auto-indentation, intellisense and syntax highlighting.


i use that for easily read code. you guys should check it out.

VIM is based off of SciTE anyways, most text editors are.

On the mac side of things check out CODA. its good as well

Writing by myself, sure. I prefer Kate editor in my Debian on desktop. It's better, because wysiwyg editor makes huge and evently not valid code. :)

I use Dreamweaver on Windows; SciTE on Windows and Linux (a text editor, with similar features that Dreamweaver has, but it's completely free); TextMate on the Mac.

Dreamweaver is best tool for me

What is a dream weaver?

What is a dream weaver?

I'm not sure if I have to take this as a joke or serious question now...
Dreamweaver originaly product of Macromedia later in April 2005 acquire by Adobe. One of many WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web development tools, very popular for its variety of supported formats and functionality provided. Here is product website and some non-comercial reading from wikipedia

Asking which web designing software is better may lead to mixed results. Everyone prefers different software to fit their styles. I prefer Microsoft Office's Frontage, you get a lot of functions, a decent GUI, and code that sticks to what it needs. However I dont use it blindly, I habitually modify little bits of code to add my own personalized style.

this is the generic method I use, simplifies and seeds u tedious tasks, but still YOUR code in the end

I think Dreamweaver is better than Frontpage for making web sites but nevertheless HTML and Scripts are not enough for creating real business web sites, sometimes programming is needed, for example ASPX (ASP.NET), which is simple and powerful programming language which was used for programming <URL snipped> this site which combines both html and aspx web pages.


these atre the best and important tools for web designs..

CSS Grid Builder
CSS Sprite Generator
Blueprint: A CSS Framework
logicss: CSS Framework
Clean AJAX
JavaScript Code Improver


I use php editor or dreamweaver. I will write code manually.

Dreamweaver is a well famous software for web designing. And use it on windows paltform is really awesome. I use it for long time.

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