Hello everyone. Can someone please help me. My site looks great in Firefox of course.But for some reason in IE all my header words disappear. check it out its http://www.wowoutreach.com i have know idea whats going on. i have three style sheets. Reset.css Layout.css and Style.css . I checked them all. I? would appreciate anyone's help

.Can you download DOM Inspector tool for firefox ( click Tool, Ad-ons, Get Ad-ons and write DOM Inspector) it aill download it and ask you to install, after whic you will use it to inspect your css on html what ever you want to do, and to help you inspect the site css, tgis will solve your problem if you use it well,
Also, I dont know the software you used to creat your site, if not dreamweaver or or any other software that has Dom/css controller, ty to use Noterpad++ to open your css as well as hmtl,

Pretty sure it has something to do with the scripts you are using for your fonts - cufon. I am not familiar with it, but maybe you are missing a file that is necessary for it to work fully in IE.

1.install Firefox DON Inspector from Tool to Inspect your CSS even HTML, the way to do it ( click on Firefox Tool , Ad-ons, Get Add-ons, then on search write DOM Inspector, it will search for it and ask you to install, after that the Firefox will reboot, if you use it will it will be enough to solve your problem.
2. Always use thus un every end of div ( <!-- end .container --></div> ) this will eliminate browser differences.
3, I don`t know the software that you used to create your site but if it is not Dreamweaver or any other Dom controller software then use Notepad++ to open CSS and HYML.
4. Check your DOCTYPE if is Internet Explorer supported
6. check the meta tag content type that you use

Thanks samsnov

i will download it and keep it in mind. I always use dreamweaver.

Thanks so much Jaseva

Your comment made me realized that the js code was following a different font. i didn't tell it to use Century Gothic. Duh. I love this site so many helpful people.