I brought a website template off line. i don't know if this is a php question or not but it came with a contact form that i have know idea how to edit it. here is the code please help i just want the message to go straight to my email when the user pushes send.
Thanks in advance i been online for hours trying to get help.
someone said put my email address in the action part of the script but that didnt work.

<h2>Contact Form</h2>
					<div class="wrapper margin-bot">
						<div class="col-3">
<div class<form id="contact-form" action="" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">					
										<label><span class="text-form">Name:</span><input name="p1" type="text" /></label>
										<label><span class="text-form">Email:</span><input name="p2" type="text" /></label>   
										<div class="wrapper"><div class="text-form">Message:</div><textarea></textarea></div>
										<div class="buttons">
											<a class="button-2" href="#" onClick="document.getElementById('contact-form').reset()">Clear</a>
											<a class="button-2" href="#" onClick="document.getElementById('contact-form').submit()">Send</a>

search 'email php' on the form then you will get the solution..

search 'email php' on the form then you will get the solution..

sorry i still dont get it.. could you show me by putting the code in ... im a visual learner.

The form is a dead lifeless item unless it has an "action", which tells it what to do with the data input - eg add to a database, search a database, or send an email. The action is the name of the script which will process the data.

Your form has no action listed at all. (see line 5)

You need to set up a php email script to take each line of data input, check for spammers using it, and then create an email.

google on php email.