I am new to this forum. I found it while searching in Google for a name to add to my Script.

I am self-taught so I may not use technical words accurately. I figgured out how to have a link open in a separate window. I usually size it at width=600 and height=500, add scrollbars... But today I wanted to add a resize option (the maximize button) but can not come up with the right name (the window opens with only minimize-button and x-button). I tried to add various name combinations to the script, such as
'maximizebutton=yes,resize=yes,resizebuttons=yes'... but nothing worked.

If someone knows the name to add to the script, please let me know.


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Welcome to the TTF! Hope you come back! Anyways, here's how I would do it. Modify according to your needs:

window.open(page,"somepage","width=570,height=560,location=no,scrollbars=yes, menubar=yes,toolbar=yes,resizable=yes");

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If you look around on the net, there are sites with little tools for this sort of thing... pop-up window makers etc.
The better ones will give you the choice of toolber y/n, scrollbar y/n, modal, display,movable etc... all the optiosn that you can use.
Simply look at the code they generate and the options are usually self explanatory.

So, try;


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? What ahs the sitemap question got to do with JS window controls ?

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