Hey guys I have a question...First am amateur on web design and development. Didn't go to school for it so I kinda just learned it on my own. So I've been working with clients and building websites for people but this is my challenge: after I finish a website job, how do I make it easier for my clients to maintain it themselves? Especially if they don't really know how to work it, and also that I didn't use a template. I mean, how do u guys do it? Do you design a site and the client pays you regularly to maintain and make changes all the time? I hope I didn't confuse you guys but I will appreciate any help.


P.S: I hope am in the right category for this post :)

I was just wondering if anyone knows how to help me out in any way. It would be much appreciated, thanks

Hi ginG3R,

You have got two options :

1) Maintain the site of clients by yourself (clients won't have headache for maintenance)
2) Let the clients maintain their sites (probably in a CMS).
For the second case, do a final meeting with the clients to make them understand how the site works. You can take my help also.

Hey Jason11,

Thanks for replying. I was thinking about using the CMS but I actually don't know how it works. Am not sure how to integrate it if my site was made from scratch (not from a template). Do you know of any links where I can find documentation about it?

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