I'm wondering if any Dreamweaver users around can help me out. I'm new the program, having done most of my programming in Notepad++ until my new job and there are two features of Notepad++ that I would really like in Dreamweaver but can't seem to find if they exist (which probably means they don't).

1. Indentation guidelines
2. Tag highlighting - in Notepad++ when you click on a tag, bracket or brace it will highlight the tag and its start/close tag as well, and I've always liked having that visual aid.

Anyway, thanks :D

I should add I'm using Dreamweaver CS4 :P

i know what you mean.. you could try writing the code in dreamweaver.. then just copy/paste it into notepad++, copy that, then paste back... it should keep your formatting...

Are you using Dreamweaver because of your current job or just because you have bought it. This feature is available with Netbeans from Oracle, at work I have to use Dreamweaver CS3 but I download Netbeans for better and faster coding. It has the power of Dreamweaver and the cool features of Notepad++.

Dreamweaver has visual aid for some basic html things but for server script coding functions and all that it's not. Netbeans also include in the visual aids the functions and classes you create, downside doesn't have visual editor... All coding.

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