I have 3 boxes on my website one 20x20 one 42x42 and the main picture which is 120x120. Images that are over 1mb cause the web site to load very slowly and i don't want to restrict the user to have to make a custom profile picture they should be able to upload any picture and have it down scale in size automatically. Is this possible. Yahoo.com does exactly what i want, you can upload a 4mb picture and it downscales the size on pages to decrease loading time.

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This is possible using php via the gd library. Most installations of PHP now have this library installed by default. With this library you can draw graphs and resize images at the server end and deliver optimised graphics that way from a single image.

you can do the same with the Imagick library. google on resizing images with either of these. It's simple.

here's the first site in google I found, which covers both methods.

But your pages must be php pages of course.

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yes they have php in them, thats fine and thank you for this will try out soon. appreciate it

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